Rivet is a tool for permanent attachment of two or more pieces, this is so fast and inexpensive. By using rivet you can attach pieces if various types such as aluminum, copper, steel, wood, leather, plastic and etc.
Besides using it as a mechanical attachment, it can be used as an electrical attachment, axial, hinge, decorative object or etc.
Rivet and especial rivet Information

Rivets are categoriesed into solid rivet, semi-tubular rivet and hollow rivet based on material and type of its sleeve.
Images of DIN660 and DIN6791 are semi-tubular and DIN7338A is hollow rivet By rivet’s sleeve type, rivet’s head form they can be recognized and differentiated such as lens-head rivets, flat-head rivets, leans-flat-head rivet or round-head rivet and many other types. As conclusion they all can be normal and countersunk-headed.
These rivets are manufactured based on DIN standard or the costumer’s order.

Last digit of
product code
4 Aluminium alloy 5050
5 Aluminium alloy 5052
7 CuZn 3 copper
8 brass
9 steel, stainless steel

Rivet's material
The last digit of product code reveals its material, as the table below

How to order
Rivet and especial rivet is produced due to costumers' order mentioned on their confirmed map and a appropriate rate of production amount.

Solid rivet (round head rivet / DIN-660)

Countersunk head rivets (DIN-661)

Oval-head rivet (DIN-662)

Semi-tubular pan-head rivet (DIN-6791)

Semi-tubular counter sunk head rivets (DIN-6792)

Breake and cluch lining rivets (solid rivet)-DIN-7338A

Breake and cluch lining rivet (semi-tubular rivet)- DIN-7338B

Semi-tubular countersunk head rivet (BS-7855)

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