Special Part

Special part is a certain type of multi-stepped rivet which is applied for stiff fitting between two different parts. Meanwhile, it also acts like hinge or axis in some of the parts.

Often, these parts used to be manufactured through series machining. By the growth of the automotive and other industries and considering the requirements of the customers, Parchsaz initiated production of these parts for the first time through required investment. These parts were named special parts at Parchsaz due to application, and appearance.

At Parchsaz, special parts are produced by cold forming method and by taking benefit from rods (max. Dia.: 12mm). Special parts are of certain metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, steel and stainless steel.

Advantages of Special Parts:

  • Cold formed special part enjoys more uniform appearance considering accuracy and dimensions in comparison to the series machining method.
  • Final cost price of cold formed special part significantly affects in mass production.


Application of Special Part:

Special part is highly applicable in automotive industry and its various disciplines such as door lock and hinge in cars, electrical parts, switch lock, disc, clutch sheet and brake disc, home appliances, office tools, constructional industry, etc.


Images of Applications of Special Part in Various Assemblies:

  • Car door hinge and lock special part (quality: steel)
  • Special part to for clutch sun joint (quality: steel)
  • Balance weight special part (quality: steel)
  • Computer folding table hinge special part (quality: Aluminum)
  • Special part of switch lock electrical part (quality: copper)

Complementary Works:

The complementary works include thermal and chemical works which are performed on the special part according to the needs of the customers as per the following.

  • Complementary Works

After producing cold formed special part, certain stresses are generated in it, which may be removed by taking benefit from heating works such as annealing and normalizing.

  • Chemical Works

Chemical works such as galvanization, phosphate and anodizing may be performed on the special part as per its quality and requirements of the customer.

For the time being, Parchsaz produces more than 500 types of special parts in a variety of dimensions and sizes and is able to accept higher and more variable orders.


Displaying Variability and Extensiveness of Special Parts

Considering the variability and extensiveness of special parts application and for more introduction, a certain part of Parchsaz products have been shown in the following table.

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