About us

Parchsaz Manufacturing Company was established in 1983 with the purpose of manufacturing various types of rivet and blind rivets and obtained agreement-in-principle No. 370542, dated 17/Jan/1984 from the ministry of industries and started its activities on a plot of land measuring 7,000 sq.m. by producing 300 Ton/year at Hajiaabad Industrial estate - Garmsar.

Considering its purposes and continuous development, now Parchsaz produces more than 2,000 tons, with a variety of more than 800 types of rivet, blind rivets, pines and parts.

For the time being, Parchsaz has 70 employees, of whom 25 hold engineering and bachelor’s degrees. Our colleagues are working relying on technical knowledge and professional vision.

In order to continuous development, Parchsaz has also performed the required investments to generate productions lines and complementary operations on the goods, mobilization and development of laboratory.

Parchsaz is managed Based on the TQM system and tries to promote the general quality level of the company’s activities regarding to the requirements of the customers through establishing such system and to be able to meet the customers’ needs, whether specified or non-specified.

Through extensive presence of its agency distribution networks in most of the Iranian provinces, Parchsaz performs a considerable part of its sales through such agencies while fulfilling another part of the same through contracts directly concluded with consumers (mainly large industries). Direct sales contracts include more than 80% of the automotive manufacturers and auto-parts makers.


Globalization force us to pay specialize attention to the market. The isolated market of Iran and recession take our opportunity of producing low-price products. We have to pay attention to the foreign markets to produce high quality products with satisfying prices. So that we plan for continuous quality betterment and development.

Quality overview:

Providing Costumers’ satisfaction in the target market with taking care of their needs and measuring their demand and trying to reduce costs in order to reduce the sales price, to compete in the global target markets based on the brand.

In this case, education, development and our employees’ cooperation, culture expansion and quality betterment and non-errors are important to us and our special costumers, Sapco and Sazeh-gostar.


Main Objectives of Parchsaz

Generating added-value and acquiring profit in health business, considering other issues such as ethical and social issues in this regard are deemed as other objectives of this company. However, the most major objectives of Parchsaz have the following four principal pillars which are commonly and similarly considered.

  • Profit
  • Employees welfare
  • Social effectiveness
  • Parchsaz survival


Parchsaz Products

Parchsaz products include blind rivet, rivet, pin, special parts and rivet nut.

  • Blind rivet is produced as per national standard No. 3419 and DIN-7337 international standard in a variety of sizes, dimensions and qualities, such as aluminum, copper, brass, steel and stainless steel.
  • Rivet are produced here in Parchsaz in various types and sizes as per DIN 7338B, DIN 6791, BS 7855 or according to the customers’ orders. Parchsaz’s rivet have a variety of shapes according to the application, such as lens headed, flat headed, round headed, etc. and are produced using a variety of qualities.
  • Parchsaz’s pins are produced based on the orders of the customers and in a variety of sizes and quality required by the customer.
  • Special part is a certain part similar to rivet. Such naming has first been performed by Parchsaz for the double and triple step rivets which used to be produced according to the features required by the customer and after that such name became widespread in the market.
  • Parchsaz products are produced by taking benefit from Cold Forming method. The parts manufactured using this method using more uniform and accurate dimensions in comparison to the series machining method.
  • At Parchsaz, Special parts are produced using certain metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, steel and stainless steel according to the customers’ orders.


Parchsaz Manufacturing Section

In order to meet the various needs of the customers, the manufacturing section of Parchsaz includes a variety of production lines. In order to do so, considerable investments have been made while more effective and skilled labour are cooperating with us.

Production Lines

  • Rivet production line

Using modern and heavy-duty machines, rivet production line is able to manufacture and produce rivets as per the drawings and orders of the customers. After receiving and investigating the drawing of th customer, the production planning department performs the required planning for the possibility of production, supplying raw materials, mold and part and after that production is started. Within all the production stages, control and inspection are performed by CABAC. After final approval and comparing the same with the order of the customer, the produced rivets are prepared to be shipped and deliver to the customer.

  • Blind rivet Production Line

Chores are needed in addition to rivet for the production of blind rivets. Due to having several machines, the chore producing section is able to produce various types of chores in a variety of sizes and dimensions. Chore type is identified considering the produced rivet and so the production commences after preparing the machine and receiving rods from warehouse. Then all the required tests are performed considering the shear and tensile strengths and are made ready for assembling by inspection by CABAC and final approval.

Assembly Line
In this section, the produced chores and rivets are assembled using mechanized machines.


  • Pin and Special Parts Production Line

Considering the growth in various industries and requirements of the customers, Parchsaz has performed considerable investments to purchase high-powered machines, and it is capable of producing various pins and special parts. In this section, after receiving the drawing, from supplying raw materials, preparing and developing molds and parts of the machines are performed by presence of planning team. During production, all the stages of controlling and quality inspection are performed to compare the produced rivet with the drawing of the customer.

  • Rod Pulling Line (Aluminum, Steel, Brass and Copper Rods)

In this part, rods are pulled as per the customers’ requirements of the production part.

The complementary part includes two types of chemical and thermal works performed on goods according to the customer’s requirements.

  • Chemical works include galvanization, phosphate and anodizing, washing and polishing.
  • Thermal works include annealing and distressing.


  • Packing Mechanized Line

The finished products are packed at this section using mechanized machine and are then sent to warehouse and shipping department.

CABAC Department

All the activities of quality, standard, inspection, laboratory and calibration are performed by a department called CABAC. The inspection section scrutinizes all the input/outputs of the company based on the company’s standards. In this section, the quality system made according to the ISO and ISO/TS standards are monitored and maintained.

In this department, testing the level of galvanized coating of the steel and galvanized products are performed using salt spray test and the relevant report is given to the customer to compare with the customer’s needs.

The operations performed at the laboratory include the following:

  • Measuring tensile and shear strengths of the products

Measuring and comparing shear and tensile strengths of the produced rivets as per the standard tables of Parchsaz form the scratch to the finishing works.

• Hardness Measurement
Hardness of the produced rivets is measured using hardness tester to ensure the correctness of the produced goods.

• Controlling Dimensions of Molds and Products
The dimensions of the molds and products are controlled using instrumentation.
• Salt spray
In this unit we measure the level of galvanization of our steel products and its test report is provided as well.

  • Metallography

Metallography is performed to measure the uniformity of the infrastructure of the metal and lack of impurity in the produced sample, as per the requirements of the customer and testing of the same is given to the customer.

• Performance of Products
In order to ensure the performance of rivet works, some special rivets and special parts are applied on the tested work part which is appropriate to the customer’s work part so that the produced part performance is assessed and approved.
• Test reporter is a report performed at the end of the works and prior to sending the goods and is sent with the exit sheet which is sent in case of costumer’s requirement.

Chemical Laboratory

Parchsaz Chemical Laboratories are performing tests on all the chemical solutions used in the production line. The tests are as follow:

  • Alignment test
  • Rivet tensile test
  • Tapping test
  • Threading tensile test
  • Case tensile test
  • Torque test
  • Salt spray


Concur with technology growth

As the technology grow and the 4th industrial revolution taken part, costumes’ needs for receiving high-quality goods and services have increased so that we have cooperated with FAR, producing nut, rivet nut and equipment, since 2017.

Parchsaz and social effect

Social effect is one of our main goals in Parchsaz. As we have apprehended our social duty during many decades of operation with providing added-value and productivity and thinking about social issues, children rights and other issues, we have done our best in making a change with preparing and distributing calendars in which these issues has been considered.

Parchsaz and environment
We have invested remarkably in the waste-water purifier in order to operate eco-friendly.

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